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SKEP is a gluten free, inclusive kitchen that looks to the diverse range of cuisines that are culturally gluten free for inspiration.

We don't offer substitutes but instead devise dishes that are gluten free from conception.

We believe in transparency, all dishes are built from scratch and designed to give the customer confidence.

Although SKEP specialises in gluten free food our experience of researching and devising menus can be transferred to any number of dietary needs.

For SKEP, the mission is to bring everyone together to share authentic, delicious and uncompromised food.

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Asian Summer Rolls, chopsticks and Hoisin dipping sauce.

Prawn Summer Roll with Hoisin DIpping Sauce



1st October 2023; Frijole Mountain

SKEP X Coastal Electronauts @ Whitsctable ​Umbrella Centre

22nd October 2023; Pop Up Taco Event

Alongside the Whitstable Sessions @ ​Whitsctable Umbrella Centre


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16 June 2023; Umbrella Centre Whitstable Community Open Day (9-12pm)

22 July 2023; Whitstable Foodies Market Umbrella Centre Whitstable (10-2pm)

18-20 August 2023; TACO WEEKEND

SKEP X Whitstable Umbrella Centre

CIder Battered Pollock, Chips and Mushy Peas

Cider Battered Pollock, Chips and Mushy Peas


Central American corn tortillas, Southeast Asian rice noodle and rice paper wraps, European galettes and arancini and Ethiopian Injera. There is a cornucopia of exciting dishes that are not based on wheat, barley or rye and this is the wealth that SKEP draws inspiration from.

The team at SKEP also recognise the hidden sources of gluten in food. Many premade sauces, marinades and spice mixes contain gluten so SKEP makes its own from scratch.

By using tamari and coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and building spice mixes from their component ingredients we can offer the gluten intolerant or coeliac diner confident, uncompromised flavours.

A SKEP dining experience is an inclusive event, there are no pared down menus for those with gluten intolerance, everyone will be choosing from the same bespoke menu.

Nice, relaxed atmosphere and lovely hosts.

Pop Up Event, April 2023

Cochinita Pibil Ready For The Oven

SKEP X WURC Pop Up Launch Event, April 2023

'Finally, something really close to REAL Mexican food in east Kent! Woohoo! '

A satisfied SKEP customer

Cochinita Pibil Ready For The Oven

Gojuchang Buffalo Wings

Crispy Chicken Wings and Cheese Corn

Crispy Chicken Wings and Cheese Corn


David is a self taught chef and recipe nerd. A keen home cook and long time employee in the hospitality trade, his desire to create exciting and authentic gluten free dishes was ignited when he met Catriona, his wife and inspiration. Her gluten intolerance and disappointment in the choices she was offered in many restaurants, cafes and supermarkets spurred him to try and make sure she was never fed compromises again.

Catriona is a beautiful, caring and fashionable genius who has somehow become David's slave. She works tirelessly at every level, from KP to marketing. Having inspired SKEP she hopes that one day it will be successful enough to pay her the significant wage she has already earned.


Available for Domestic and Event Catering, Pop Ups and Gluten Free Cooking Tutorials.

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Cheese Corn

Cheese Corn